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    Quote Originally Posted by ivy62 View Post
    Where is Medford NJ?
    way south from you, bet x 4 & 5 on the turnpike. pretty horse country though.
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    OP.....if you are near NYC you might want to call Tanrakin Farm and see if they have any openings.
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    I am not sure I totally understand the scenario.
    I think your horse was at the same barn that your daughter rode the pony and the instructor is your friend?, right.

    OK, I would be pissed if my horse was in a certain turnout and that changed. I would want to be there and I would want alternatives, contingencies.

    I would also be very angry that my horse was injured, physically and mentally.

    Kudos to you for keeping a horse in retirement vs shipping it.

    Finally, well, when someone screws me or discs me, I have learned to end the relationship. I don't think I'd want them teaching my daughter riding or horsemanship skills or anything really.
    I'd move her out. If instructor is free lance, ask her where else she teaches.

    You were lucky you could return to your old barn, even if just temporarily.
    I guess I don't like the management of where the retiree was at, regardless of the moving your horse to accomodate 4...point is, they did not tend to your horses needs or his injuries, plus did not keep you in the loop. Why continue to deal with them via daughter.

    I'd be letting them see my back.
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    I'd move daughter, and talk to her trainer.

    I find it terrible that you got there and your horse was not weight bearing, and while that could have been new, that there was not something that led them to think that this arrangement wasn't working in the preceding 5 days. And it doesn't sound like they let him meet and greet, just turned him out into another group that was already established. A recipe for disaster.

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    My daughter is very upset about what happened to our horse. She is going to stay where she is until after the show she has been working towards, it is on their grounds and is a great cause( donated profits for a local Equine rescue)..I told her we will look for a new facility after that but until we find a suitable one she will say there...
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