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    fortheloveofanottb Guest

    Default Looking for an ottb trainer in Northern California

    Hello, eveyone..I'm looking for that special trainer...the inspiring, gentle horse person, with a talent to train and patience enough to let me tag along...I want to purchase an ottb, I'm a fairly green rider in the world of horse, but my sensitive heart, and affectionate nature have led me to this spot and I will find a way to take on this endeavor. Understanding the needs of a horse like this and the necessity of a trainer, I completely understand, my life experience and open schedule(husband off to Afghanistan National Guard and children school age) have sent my long stifled dream of becoming part of this horse world into over drive...I live in Northern California, I'm an English rider and would like to eventually compete hunter/jumper and I'm currently in training at a wonderful riding academy. I don't need anyone telling me I'm crazy, I'm know that, but I'm smart crazy, I certainly have no plans of picking up an ottb and driving into the sunset...I know it takes a team but regardless I know my next horse will be an ottb...Any trainers in mind?

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    Jul. 20, 1999


    Northern California is a big place. Where are you located and how far are you will to drive? Do you have an idea (ballpark) of your monthly board/training budget?

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    fortheloveofanottb Guest


    Lol, boy do I feel sheepish...Yes, it is quite a big place. I'm in the Wine Country...20 min north of Calistoga...for the right trainer, I'd go just about this beautiful state. Where are you located? As far as budget, I have an idea, Tell me what you think I'm looking at, and thank you so much, for replying.

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    Mar. 26, 2001
    Los Angeles, California


    Not sure if they are in your area, but Phoenix Farm is in Healdsburg and it looks like they train a lot of young horses (and post on the eventing board) -

    I know they aren't Hunter/Jumper, but it sounds like they have a good training program for young horses and different levels of people, too.

    I would also recommend finding a trainer first who has experience finding horses off the track and training them to be successful sport horses. It is definitely a talent. Then you can have them help you find your OTTB.

    Be sure to check out CANTER and TROTT - they both have listings for horses in Northern California, and some of the horses are already under saddle -

    CANTER -

    TROTT -

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    Nov. 10, 2009
    Northern California


    This is a barn that is close to you and I know they run schooling shows on a regular basis and do beginner thru advanced lessons. The barn is really a nice friendly place - having visited there several times. I do see them at shows as well. You can always call and see if they can accomodate you.

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    Please check your private messages

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    Sep. 26, 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by TuxWink View Post


    I would also recommend finding a trainer first who has experience finding horses off the track and training them to be successful sport horses. It is definitely a talent. Then you can have them help you find your OTTB.

    I second the notion of finding a trainer who can help you identify a good prospect. Retraining an OTTB can be very rewarding but it is also a lot of work. Having someone help you select a horse will be extremely important. There are people who have a very good "eye" and can help you lessen the risk normally associated with picking up a young horse off the track.

    Before I went to college I worked at a farm that brought in a couple of OTTB's each year which were then retraining for H/J or dressage. Some of them turned out to be really outstanding show horses, but then again the barn owner was very experienced and was an amazing judge of character. I have no idea how he did it. There's definitely an art to it.

    I would also recommend doing a thorough vet check too if at all possible so you can avoid horses with structural problems.

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    fortheloveofanottb Guest


    I am humbled by such a wonderful response. Thank you all so much. Healdsburg and Napa are very close to where I live and I'll be taking a look at both places. I also agree with finding the trainer first, I'm pretty sure my eye is quite different than theirs..Its hard not to look, but I'll follow this advice.I'll certainly take a nudge of grounding. I've found a wonderful place in this forum, and such an accepting and thoughtful group of folks..,really,what a support system I've found. Thank you!!!!

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    Apr. 19, 2002


    Hands down... Phoenix Farm. Amazing people/trainers. They know how to raise and produce confident, sane, sound horses the right way, for any discipline.

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