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    Default Oral Joint Supplements

    Which ones have you found work (or don't)? Any active ingredients that seem to work better than others (i.e. HA vs chondroitin vs msm vs glucosamine etc)? Given a choice, would you recommend putting the horse on monthly legend or adequan instead of going the oral route?

    Can anyone suggest one that won't break the budget, but has still produced good results so I don't feel like I'm flushing money down the toilet? I would be willing to pay more if it has some testing behind it to back up the claims.

    I really wish all joint supplements had some sort of clinical trials to test efficacy. I hate buying something that's expensive when it could very well not be helping my horse one iota.

    This would be more of a maintenance thing for a horse with a bit of arthritis but not lame, just getting older and still working hard.

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    Jan. 25, 2010


    I use the liquid HylaMotion. Once I decided I was paying too much for supplements, so I stopped the HylaMotion. My farrier was shoeing her and commented "she seems a lot stiffer than she usually does." I guess I felt this was proof it was working, so I put her back on it.

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    Dec. 4, 2005


    It really thought is that Adequan is only 45/month and its proven. By the time you buy the oral supps (30-60/month) you might as well do the Rx.

    I personally use legned on my horse, never seen any real benefit to the oral supps. I do feed MSM, E-Se-Mag, and Smart Breathe for other reasons. Never had good results with Conquer HA gel given orally.

    It really depends on the horse, lots of people like Cosequin but my horse won't eat it. You could always try something for 90 days and see....

    I know Smart Pak (SP) has some new joint supplements that seem cost effective, but personally i haven't had any experience with them. SP has good customer service and can send you free samples to do a "taste test". If I was going to feed a joint supp I liked Next Level, I think it helped a bit but at that point i needed to move to something "stronger". Make sure you look for glucosamine SULFATE (not HCl) and a good source of Chondrioiton (like perna mussle).

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    Jul. 21, 2010


    I would be curious to hear people weigh in on this as well - my mare is a teenager, and not lame, not off, but seems to get stiff easier than her younger barn mates, and I'd like to start her on a some type of joint support

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    I have two on Hyalun.

    Spy was retired at 18 due to hip arthritis. Hyalun has made a BIG difference to him (he is now 28). The vet sees it even more than I do. He still trots and canters in from the field.

    Music has had mild arthritis since she was under 10 (she is now 24), and she is as good as she has ever been.

    chief feeder and mucker for Music, Spy, Belle and Tiara. Someone else is now feeding and mucking for Chief and Brain (both foxhunting now).

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    Doesn't really matter what I or anyone else found to work That just means it worked for that horse at that point. Might work for yours, might not.

    That said, there are 2 I'd recommend looking at: Corta-Flex due to the 7 day guarantee, and Cosequin, due to having been at least tested to go where it's supposed to go.
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    Go with Legend or Adequan.

    In a recent study they found that something like 50% of oral joint supplements didn't even have the level of ingrediants in them they they advertised.

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    I had good luck with Platform Joint Supplement. It cost about $33 for a tub and lasted about 30-40 days. My mare hated dust and would just leave it at the bottom of her feed tub so it was a challenge to find a pelleted form. I never tried the liquid.

    I agree it's probably not as effective as Legend or Adequan, but for every day use it was affordable and kept her comfortable. I tried several before I settled on the Platform. Some didn't work at all and some were only okay.

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    I had a lot of luck with Grand HA. I tried a couple other powdered HA supps and they didn't help at all, but the Grand HA sure did. I noticed a huge difference within 3 or 4 days.

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    The only oral I'm currently feeding is MSM 2x a day.

    My friend's 20+ semi-retired gelding gets Smartpaks Seniorflex supp after trying glucosamine, etc. I think the pain killers are what is working--regardless, he's moving better and is much more "spry" than he has been. I even saw him take off galloping with a few happy bucks thrown in the other day.
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