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    Default Remember the Reason

    It has bothered me lately that a lot of people don't realize the MEANING behind a holiday. (including myself!) We go around enjoying our day off, but often we don't stop just to take a minute to think about what the day is for and why it is important to our society- what we have to be thankful for. It struck me as I did not even begin to think about WHY I had an extra day to get all my errands done. Does anyone see that happening too? This is in no way intended to be one of those "oh I'm amazing and mighty and hate people who don't think like me" Not at ALL. I was just thinking/wanting to share.

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    What bothered me most about today was that SOO many places were open for business...

    My original plan was to spend all day at the barn, but I ended up with a relatively minor foot injury last night. Not wanting to go to the ER, I opted to go to the local Urgent Care center this morning instead (cheaper and quicker), and I was surprised to find them open. In driving back and forth from the UCC and to the barn, I went through two major retail areas, and it seemed EVERYTHING was open-- auto repair centers, all the chain stores, restaurants, etc., etc. I understand some places HAVE to be open-- hospitals, MAYBE gas stations and a grocery store or two-- but EVERY retail establishment??? It was like every other day in Capitalism-town, USA.

    I'm lucky that I have a government job, so of course I have off for Labor Day... but what about the poor guy bussing tables at Olive Garden, or the girl ringing up customers at Target? Don't they deserve a day off to relax, picnic with friends/family, etc.? I hope they were at least getting paid time and a half, but I'm sure many of them weren't.

    I noticed the same thing last year at Thanksgiving, too... stores wanting to get a jumpstart on Black Friday shopping actually opened on Thanksgiving Day, as well. Where's the fruitbat?!?!

    Seriously, people... do we really need to be able to shop 365 days a year?!?!?! It's OK to have a day every now and then when (gasp) we might have to entertain ourselves WITHOUT spending any money...
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