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    Oct. 13, 2003

    Default Yesteryear fashion - what color jackets w. med brown field boots?

    I'm talking about fashion in the old days - what color jackets would people wear with their med. brown field boots?

    (I Love brown field boots but, lets face it, black is easier to put jackets with.) However, one day I will have my brown field boots, still.

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    Feb. 5, 2010


    My favorite with brown field boots was a lovely lighter olive colored jacket. It had brown velvet trim on the collar too. I also used to wear light gray too. I would think a nice london-tan colored coat would look nice with those colored boots as well.

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    Mar. 7, 2006
    Laurel Highlands


    Some cordovan boot polish is in order

    Tweeds look lovley, and correct with brown boots. Topped off with a brown velvet helmet - perfection!
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    Jun. 20, 2008


    Do NOT wear a black jacket / Brown boots. Brown boots were/are for "cubbing" at which time one wears a nice tweed jacket... so I would get a light weight hunt jacket or a show jacket w/ a subtle pattern in it - something w/ browns/rust colors.

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    Feb. 8, 2007


    Horse Country has a model in their catalogue wearing a gorgeous sage colored jacket with medium brown colored field boots. It looks simply gorgeous.
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    Oct. 11, 2002


    For the hunter ring in the 'old days', 'The Uniform' used to be medium gray or navy jacket, rust breeches and brown field boots. Also hunter green jacket with rust breeches and brown field boots.
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    Sep. 21, 2000
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    Mid '60's?
    Off-white linen, madras, seersucker in summer. Tweed in other seasons.
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    Jun. 29, 2008
    San Diego


    I love my brown field boots, and wear them proudly with rust breeches and a brown velvet helmet. I've worn them with light grey, dark grey and green coats and must say looked smashing every time out! I sometimes school in them with tan TS breeches, and that is a nice combo too.

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    Aug. 6, 2003
    Temecula, CA


    OMG! can I wear my brown field boots in the hunter ring? It would look so much better with my hunter green coat and my liver chestnut horse. I wear them to ride everyday they are beautiful! I wear them in the show jumpers but didn't think they were acceptable in the hunter ring. I would be so happy if I could wear them! does anyone know? they wear the wild bedazzled and leather tri colored helmets!

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