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    Default What an idiot!

    People next door have a miniture stallion that is kept on a long cable. As you can imagine, he gets loose from time to time. Today, he came in my yard as their child (maybe 10 or 11 years old) is trying to catch him. I caught him and grabbed the only thing handy to use as a lead, a hay string, and put it over his nose like a stud chain and led him back home.

    On the walk I was telling the little girl that they could use hot wire in their pasture (yes, they have one and have a horse in there) and he would stay in. I also told her that having him fixed would fix him biting and kicking.

    Dad comes out right about when we reach the cable. I also tell him that getting the pony gelded will help with his bad behavior and the vet just up the road is very reasonable.

    You know what he told me? He said gelding ponies makes them behave worse and turned and walked off. Didn't even thank me for helping his daughter catch the pony and walking it back!

    The little girl did thank me for helping.

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    Ugh! I wish Darwin would step in on these sorts of situations. Unfortunately, the little girl is the one more likely to suffer, not Dad.

    Csn you at least take the kid under your wing and teach her how to handle him safely? Not that you are under obligation at all, but maybe teaching the child is the way to get to Dad. Where's Mom?
    Life would be infinitely better if pinatas suddenly appeared throughout the day.

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    Yeah for the kid!! She has manners (from where we can speculate)
    Quote Originally Posted by fargaloo View Post
    Do you not understand how asking "why now?" is EXACTLY part of the reason why assault victims feel silenced?

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    Mom is just as bad as Dad. They don't have a fenced yard for their dog. The last dog was an outdoor dog but was very sweet. She passed and they got a dog that acts fear aggressive. I've had words with them over the dog being in my yard barking at me or my children with the hair on her back up or in the road blocking my son from coming home. They assure me she's a very sweet dog! Of course, while they were telling me how sweet she is, she tried to sneak around behind me and actually nipped at my leg. Fortunately, she missed.

    I would be more than happy to take the little girl under my wing if I thought she was willing. I'm always nice to her but the dog thing may keep her from accepting advice. I will offer though. She's a good kid.

    They have one dog, one horse, one pony, and one goat. The dog is mostly indoors and the little girls pet (and is a good pet, just not good with outsiders). The rest are seperated from each other and get minimal contact with people other than to toss hay or a little feed. It's very sad.

    They have a nice place, nice little barn, looks like a total of 5 or 6 acres so no reason they couldn't put fence up for them all. The only thing fenced is about an acre and a half or 2 acres for the horse.

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