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    Default Wash stall flooring?

    I currently have crumbling asphalt in my wash stall. What is the best thing to replace it with? Concrete-but with what on top? Rubber tiles? Rubber mats-too slippery. I don't like just plain concrete, too rough on their hooves. Any suggestions?

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    How about concrete with those "holey" rubber mats. lol I don't know how else to describe them. I'd say they're about 1/2-1" thick and have a patterns of hexagonal holes in them... which means no puddles and not thay slippery.
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    Sep. 7, 2009
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    I had the "holey" rubber mats (otherwise known as ring mats) and I hated them. They collected dirt in the holes and prevented the stall from properly draining. I now have textured rubber mats with a hole cut for the drain. I kept the "hole" and can plug it when grooming or to use as a vet or farrier stall.

    It also now drains much better than it ever did with the ring mats or just the concrete.

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    We have concrete with regular stall mats that we leave about 2 inch gaps between. We like it. We started with just the concrete and some years ago had some mats to move when I added on to the barn. I just drug them in the wash stall and we have liked them enough that they haven't come out of there. The concrete is a consistent slope to the drain, so it drains well enough that you aren't standing in water. Very comfortable too. Bleach on the floor once in a while shot under the edges of the mat with water pressure keeps it plenty clean enough that I have rarely felt the need to flip the mats.

    They are just the stall mats from Tractor Supply and they have never been slippery.

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    you might want to try a product like RubberDek. This is a product specifically made for resurfacing pool area decks.... it can be installed directly over the existing asphalt if it is in good condition. It would provide a soft surface that is not affected by temperature changes.

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    May. 24, 2006


    I like the textured rubber mats.

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