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    Default Matching hangers and other quirks...

    I am not particularly obsessive, compulsive, or too far from the mainstream. But there are times that I find myself giving in to odd quirks for no good reason.

    What comes to mind is hanging up my laundry. I have a pretty good collection of colored plastic hangers. And I simply cannot make myself hang a shirt on a hanger that it clashes with.

    I go to fairly serious efforts to make sure that the pink shirt NEVER goes on the green hanger, or that the turquoise polo doesn't go on the red hanger.

    Maybe I'm just trying to make laundry even a smidge less boring?

    What quirks do you have? 'Fess up....
    "She still had all of her marbles, though every one of them was shaped funny and rolled asymmetrically."

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    I have to hang out my outfit for the next day on a special padded hanger all hanging up very neatly just like you would see in a display window. I also lay out the appropriate accessories and drape scarves and shoes next to the clothing as if I was going to do a photo shoot. I do my daily purse change and lay it on the couch by the door along with my sunglasses. I also select proper under and lay that out for the next day and finally end with setting the alarm and then worrying about if I will get any sleep before having to go to work the next day

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    Shirts on white plastic hangars...

    Pants and capris on blue plastic hangars...

    Skirts on white plastic hangars with black clips...

    All Tar-jay brand

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    All my hangers are white, so no sweat.

    I do like things in place, chairs just so around tables, etc.
    Everything has a place and everthing in it's place.
    I don't mind changing things around, just so they then stay squared neatly in their new place.

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    Yep! I have OCD and numbering and symmetry are huge. Hangers are a great example - I have blue and white hangers. They have to go blue/white/blue/white in the closet. Within the colour order, I have all of my clothes sorted into a system that I'm sure makes sense to nobody but me. I've spent hours rearranging my closet after buying new clothes! I know it sounds totally insane, but this is actually quite an improvement from about 5 years ago...
    CRAYOLA POSSE - Olive Green
    Champions aren't born. They are built little by little, day by day, with patience and love for the art. -Nick Skelton

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