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    Default I think I hurt my tailbone....

    So for the last 4 weeks or so sitting has been (literally) a pain in the butt. Driving, riding, sitting in class, sitting on the couch, etc. I am always having to shift and fidget in order to not sit square. I don't remember any traumatic event that caused this injury. It isn't bad enough to make me take any over the counter painkillers, usually if it starts to hurt too badly I just stand up for a while.

    Is it possible that I bruised my tailbone? or something else? Anyone with any experience?

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    I just read one of the potential causes is from repetitive action such as rowing or biking. I guess riding could be lumped in there.

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    I have a history of something called a pilonidial cyst. (Spelling is likely off). It is a cyst on the tailbone. I have had mine removed 3 times. Mine started with discomfort for a few days to a week before it opened up. When it opened up it is a nasty abcess smelly draining icky thing.
    I had no history of injury there prior to the cyst. I had it removed once as a 14 yr old, again at 16 and the last time at age 19. It has been over 20 years since it has recurred.

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