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    Default Breast Cancer not just in woman

    Just a little over five years ago my husband was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    He found the lump on his upper left side in the spring and mentioned that he
    thought he might of pulled a muscle or something, by October (he never mentioned it again the whole time) it was the size of a golf ball. I made appointments. We saw the first Dr on a Tuesday, on Wednesday he was
    having a mamogram done and seeing a surgeon, the surgeon confirmed breast cancer on thursday he was doing his pre ops and on Friday he was operated on.
    They took out a tumor the circomfrance of a softball the size of a pop can,
    they also removed all the lymphnoids in that area and did a complete mastectomy of his left side.

    The following week at his check up from surgery we were informed with good and bad news. The bad news was that the cells in the tumor tested to be the worst cells in breast cancer for male or female but that each of the 27 plus noids removed were tested three times and each one came back negative for cancer cells. Two weeks later his cemo started every two weeks he had a treatment
    from mid november to mid february.

    He is now over five years cancer free.

    I just wanted to make everyone aware that this cancer does affect men too and
    that everyone needs to have their spouses or significate other check themself for lumps on a regular basis and if one is found do something about it right away.
    My husband was very lucky that this did not spread with the aggresiveness of
    the cells.

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    Greytown, New Zealand (a blip on the landscape really :))


    I will pass your story onto a (male) friend of mine - he will find it encouraging as he is at year 3 post-treatment. His mother, aunt, grand-mother and one sister all got breast cancer. He had other cousins (female) that got it - so the one sister who just didnt want to go for a mammogram he got to go by saying (1) he didnt want to lose her and (2) he would get one too. He also would do the gene test so that he could confirm that his girls werent exposed. Well, his sister was clear genetcially and on mammo - he was not but thankfully his daughters were clear genetically. I saw his chest post-op and it was far worse, I found, than with his sisters.

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