FOr thoose that have teenagers I would highly recomend sitting down as a family and watching this movie together, especially if you have a teen or know a teen that has been picked on, shunned, bullied This is an amazing movie that doesn't
just center on one thing. It revolves around broken friendships, teen sucicide,
teen pregnancy, teen youth groups, it is also about standing up for yourself
and what you believe in and how just ONE person can make a diffrance in many

My daughters youth group started to watch it a few weeks ago. When my daughter told me about it we found the movie at Walmart and purchased it,
watched it as a family and now I intend to "Pay it Forward" and donate it
to a teen church youth group. This movie does NOT throw religion down
kids or adaults throats it is just about every day occurances and is awsome.

To see a preview search To Save a Life the movie on youtube.