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    Default stupid things we've done that we now laugh at

    I could really use some good laughs & thought we could share our stories here. I'll start -

    When I was 19 I went to McDonalds to get a milk shake, I placed my order & the person on the intercom said "thank you, please pull around to the first window". I suppose I thought too much because I suddenly began to wonder, did they really mean the around to the first window or did I just never take notice before now because I don't remember having to do this. I sat in my car for awhile but cars began to line up behind me as I thought about what I should do. So I finally pulled out of line & drove around the car in front of me and ever so slowly & carefully backed into the "first" window. Needless to say I was beeped at and the person came to the window had a perplexed look on their face as to why the orders were all screwed up. I was never so embarassed as that day, I almost left without that darn milk shake. But today looking back on it, it has made me & others laugh when I tell them this story. Now you know why all the McDonald's number their windows, lol!

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    One time my girlfriend and I drowned my car after one of the streets had flooded in town and we thought it had dissipated. Which street, you ask?
    Water St.

    At least the nice policeman took us to the bar after we pushed it out.

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