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    Default Mare in heat - NQR?

    Cross posting from Horse Care - posters think I might get more responses here!

    When in heat and not on any meds (namely: depo), my mare is NQR. She's not *lame* but I know her well and I know she's NQR. Her heats are much stronger earlier in the year and now are starting to taper off but she is in heat now and I know that something is a little off. Have had different vets look at her and they agree that she's not lame. Earlier this summer, she was a little tight in the hindquarters - had acupuncture which helped, had vets out who x-rayed stifle - everything clean. Now for the second time this summer (while in heat), mare is ever so slightly NQR on the right side. It's so slight that if you didn't know her, you might not sure sure that you see anything....but it's there. Mare is my former A circuit hunter who isn't old (12) but showing has been put aside for now for personal reasons. I didn't do the depo shots this year because horse wasn't showing and I didn't see the point of spending $150/month unnecessarily....but maybe it's necessary for next year?

    I guess I'm just looking for any similar stories/outcomes/comments? TIA!

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    Large follicules can cause transient disconfort, not something that you would notice if the horse is iddle or ridden casually but if you are riding at a hight level and consistently it might be something you pick up on.

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    No personal experience, but I have heard what formosus said, the side that the mare is ovulating on can be particularly painful.

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    My competition mare has an issue with her right ovary whenever she is in season, consequently she will 4 beat at the canter-only when she is in heat and yes, she is tight in her back as well. It is obviously painful so I take it easy on her during those times and ALWAYS cross my fingers that she doesn't cycle when I am showing her. She also has horrendous transitional cycles early spring/late fall. I did do depo twice-it was a great relief but stopped only because I wasnt' sure long term what the side effects might be so I put her on Mare Magic and it helped tremendously!!! [Regu Mate does not work on her at all, might as well just pour the $$$ down the drain, the depo did work.]
    Last time she was ultrasounded (and it has been years) she had no cysts but speaking from my own experience, they can hurt. I have had both ovaries removed because of cysts, so I guess I can't blame her if she is bothered by some form of discomfort.

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    I finally put my mare on Regumate because she either couldn't focus / concetrate or during ovulation she was NQR when ridden (first she wouldn't bend to one side, then would appear off - not track up completely - on the other side).

    With Regumate I no longer have those issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Formosus View Post
    Large follicules can cause transient disconfort, not something that you would notice if the horse is iddle or ridden casually but if you are riding at a hight level and consistently it might be something you pick up on.
    I had one who would develop ginormous follicles. Hers manifested as reluctance to go forward into the bit and balkiness when asked to jump. We began to suspect it was related to her cycles so vet would come and ultrasound whenever she was NQR. Given the large and painful state of her follicles we were surprised she was prepared to work at all.

    A bit of banamine..different horse. You might want to try that.
    BTW, we had tried Regumate..didn't work at all. As I understand it, Regumate does not prevent the development of follicles so it did not help this particular mare.

    We had also done Mare Magic...thought maybe I noticed a bit of a difference...but not enough to get excited about.

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    Another vote for large follicles. My mare used to look lame behind when she first came into season. We finally ultrasounded her, and found that her follicle was about the size of a grapefruit. We put her on depo, and the problem went away. Once she was done competing, it only took a month or two off the depo for her to resume cycling normally and get in foal.
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