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    Default Fungal Infections

    In 2009 my mare delivered a colt at 322 days, with a placenta severly infected by Aspergillus. She was treated intra uterus a couple of times for the reaminder of the year with Lufeneron and eventually DMSO lavages. She was also given Eqstim.
    In March 2010 she was cultured (centrifuge of uterine lavage) and no fungal growth was detected. She was bred April 1st, 2010, given Equistim again and in foal on one insemination.
    Fast forward to last Friday. She showed signs of colic and to be sure she was not aborting, the vet did a rectal and did a spec exam of the cervix and vagina.
    Everything seemed fine except the vet noted some yellowish matter on the vaginal vault. A sample of it was sent to lab. Nothing has grown yet but the cytology is consistent with the presence of either yeast or aspergillus. Progesterone level is around 5.
    She was put on double dose of Regumate.
    Colic resolved with meds and tubing fluids.
    Has anybody had something like that happen ? How did you deal with it ? What was the result ?
    She is 5 months in foal I cannot imagine going through the next six with this hanging over my and, especially, her head !
    Any information will be so appreciated !

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    I had a mare do this. First, she did have a red beg delivery, so be prepared for that. The foal was OK said as least unlike bacterial infections the fungal infection does not cross the placental barrier to the foal..though it does compromise the quality of the placenta and the foal was small/ a bit preemie looking. I had her foal out at the vets and not at home as we usually do. When the foal was born (as in right after birth) the mare was flushed with an iodine solution to kill the fungus. Like your mare: the first year my mare had the fungal/aspergillus like yours she cultured clean after foaling and got it again the second pregnancy. I am sorry to say we did lose the first foal. If she had foaled out at the vet clinic that may not have been the case though. Sadly I co owned the mare with another lady and she foaled the mare out at her house. She fell asleep on foal watch/the foaling was unattended. Most times that goes OK but not in the case of a mare with a problem/unattended red bag deliveries do not end well. That foal was full term.Since she cutured clean after being treated as yours was the first time she got no special treatment. Next foal was the one above. He was born 30 days early. Number 2 was infected again, but foal was OK in the end. Spent 3 days at the vets (took him 3 days to stand and nurse being weak at birth/ stayed at the vet's since he needed help to stand and nurse the first 3 days and I have a day job). After birth this time she got flushed with iodine and cutured clean. What else we did was following that foal: We bred her one more time. When the next breeding season rolled around the vet was very aggressive in her treatment: clean culture or not, she was flushed like she had an infection anyway "just to make sure" with her history. She was bred and put on 10 days of SMZs for the same reason. She got a Caslicks this time too. The third foal was born with no issues.

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    Thanks for your input. I talked with a theriogenologist in Langley, B.C. Canada this morning. The plan is to get the mare up there ASAP (it's over the border, so I need paperwork and transport) for him to check her to see whether or not the bug is beyond the cervix or not and how much the placenta and amniotic fluid have been compromised.
    I am hoping it's not too late.
    Thanks again.

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