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    Default Using barn owls to get rid of gophers

    Has anyone had success using barn owls to get rid of gophers? We have a horrible gopher problem on our property and after reading an article about an organic farm that used barn owls to eliminate gophers, we contacted the local raptor center. They gave us owl boxes, which we have put up on trees surrounding the horse field (where the gophers go to town) and they are bringing owls over here later this week. Apparently one barn owl can kill a HUGE number of gophers each year. I'm most excited about this plan and just wondered if anyone else had tried it?
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    Haven't tried it personally BUT I have been watching the San Marcos Owl Box pair, Molly & McGee, on Ustream ( since March. That one pair of barn owls with a total of 6 owlets between first and second clutch, have put quite a dent in their local pocket gopher population.

    Keep in mind: it can take up to 2 years after putting up an owl box for a pair to take up permanent residence. Tis worth it tho
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