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    Feb. 26, 2010

    Default Speak to me of....

    the 30 day notice. How exactly does it work? I know I need to read my boarding agreement but I'm at work right now and I don't have it here!

    Is it a pretty generic rule kind of thing? Can I take my horse out before the 30 days is up even though I paid for the full 30 days? I know it all depends on what MY boarding agreement says but I'd like to hear about any of your experiences.


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    Feb. 16, 2010
    Jacksonville, FL


    If you're paid up you can take your horse out early, but you wouldn't get a refund or a pro-rated.

    30 days notice is to the barn owner can advertise for a new boarder or if they have a wait list let someone know there is availability at their barn. The whole point is so there's no empty stall and no lost income.

    It's probably best to let them know as close to the first of the month as possible.

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    May. 4, 2010


    My board agreement states that 30 day notices start the 1st of the month following the notice, or something like that. I can remove my horse anytime, even the day I give notice.. but because most boarders won't start until the 1st, I am responsible to pay for 1 full month. So if i give notice on September 19th that I'm leaving, I pay for October 1-31st. they don't prorate October to the 19th, even though that is 30 days technically. Basically, since no one starts boarding in the middle of the month usually, they want there money until they can feasibly find someone/get someone in the stall. My BO does have a wait list and is fairly reasonable though, so if i gave notice on Sept 19th, and he called and someone could start on Oct 1st, and my horse wasn't there, he'd probably not charge me. I am not sure mine is standard. If i were to move all my horses, he'd lose half his board money, so he does his best to make sure he is covered if i do leave. (and does his best to keep me happy so I don't ).

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