I have an Aussie Shep/ACD mix who had the CCL surgery in January. She is 7 - was a competition agility dog- although I think the initial tear happened on the beach chasing waves. I waited a year before I went through with the surgery- she was 80% torn when she had the surgery. I went back and forth between not doing surgery and letting the arthritis set in and stablize her- doing the TPLO with hopes of recovering enough to do agility, and finally decided on the CCL repair. The big factors for me were, #1 cost, #2 advice of professionals I spoke with, and #3 if I went with the TPLO and there were complications, I had no other options. One friend with rotties said that they can't have the TPLO because they are so prone to bone cancer.

I had an excellent board certified vet do the surgery and took a very conservative and active approach in her recovery. She is doing wonderfully.

My aunts lab had the same surgery with a different vet and did not follow a strict recovery with her dog and she is having problems.

So my advice to you- do your rehab. I would be happy to send you what my vet gave me - some of it was impossible for me to do- but it did keep me very strict with her and I think ultimately gave her a good recovery.

Also- keep your dogs weight down--I have been working all summer swimming my dog to get her trim-and aussies tend to blow up quickly. ( my dog put on 5 lbs in 3 weeks last year when she was on steroids for a skin issue--I left her for an hour and she had a bing in the kitchen...)

Anyway- best of luck - here is a sad pick of my girl when I brought her home http://images1f.snapfish.com/2323232...28566339nu0mrj