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    Default Barn situation update

    I posted earlier in the summer about the drama at the barn I was boarding/teaching lessons at. The general consensus was that I should try and find a new barn.

    Well I've looked high and low for a suitable new barn. I think I've looked at every barn in the area and haven't been able to find something that fits my needs. One barn was gorgeous but WAY too expensive for me & my clients. One barn looked good but the owner was fairly out there in terms of his rules and doesn't want lessons taught there (from the sounds of it, doesn't want boarders there at all). A couple other barns had tiny little arenas, one didn't want an outside instructor teaching lessons. A couple that have a useable arena, have absolutley scary fencing.
    It's been really frustrating, so unfortunately I'm considering staying at the barn I'm at. (Actually me and my pony have been "on holidays" for the summer to take a break from there). I think if I do go back, I need to sit down with the BO and request that she gives me the same respect that she gives the other instructor at the barn. ie if you wouldn't say it or do it to the other instructor, then don't do or say it to me.

    I do have some irons in the fire but they're taking some time to develop. One is a barn thats about half an hour away, nice barn, great people and they want to get into a lesson horse program eventually. This is my ideal scenario. I would probably have to buy some "school horse saddles" for lesson use but that's minor in the long run.
    I've also been asked if I would do some lessons for a group of pony club girls in the area. That would be at a different barn and I think it'd be great!

    I've also ran into a group of parents at a show I was at that were looking for an instructor.

    So there's lots of opportunities that are popping up but they're not "for sure" yet. I think I can definitely find people and other places to teach and maybe even eventually school horses. For now, I think staying where we're at and doing my best to keep my head down and ignore the garbage is the best way to go. Maybe a "holiday" from the barn will have been good for everybody and we can start "fresh" again. I am still going to do my best to slowly move my business away from this barn though.

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    Good luck with your search and please keep us posted. I hope you find the perfect situation!

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