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    Default Had my very first colic scare

    Arrived at the barn on Saturday morning for a lesson and find my horse laying flat out in her run. What the heck everyone else is still eating breakfast and my mare is known to leave no food behind. She got up when she saw me and I took her out of her stall and she stood like a gelding trying to urniate all stretched out. She proceeded to start pawing. BO was there (I have the best BO ever!) she called the vet while I started walking my mare. My mare stopped and had what looked like a total body cramp and droppd to the ground. I was able to get her back up and continued walking to the roundpen to lunge her. I was able to get her to jog a little but she dropped down again and rolled. The vet pulls up and as soon as I get to his truck she passes a big pile of manue. Lets out a sign and closes her eyes. The vet went ahead and gave her a does of banamine and said to keep an eye on her. Her vitals were normal and was continuing to pass gas. His opinion was that it was caused by the change in weather and her coming into heat. Eight hours later she is back at colicing and back to laying down. Repeated the roundpen and gave her another dose of banamine and she is fine through the night and did eat some hay but not her usual amount. Come out on Sunday morning and there she is again laying flat out in her run. The BO was suprised because she told me my mare was up at feeding and even whinnyed to be fed. This time my mare didn't offer to get up at all. I've got to say that's not a good feeling and it scared me that I was going to lose her. Got her up and walked her and she was breathing hard. Drops down three more times and doesn't want to get up. The pain passes, she passes a lot of gas and I was able to get her up and jog a little. We go ahead and give another dose of banamine and the BO gave her some Maalox. It's weird but during the colic episodes she was passing normal manure and drinking water but was just off her hay. Everyone is eating the same hay and it looks and smells very good. By late last night my BO called and again this morning and gave me good news that my mare looked to be back to her usual self. She was going to turn her out in the dry lot with a buddy for the day. I've never experienced colic like this before. Any ideas what would cause such terrible gas pains like that?

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    I had an experience like this with my mare - thought it was colic, but turned out to be choke. She did not have the usual choke signs - no food dripping out anywhere. I called vet , gave banamine and before he called back it was over. She did the shaking,breaking hard, laying down stuff, and blood was pumping hard in veins. Vet said it was a low choke, not upper airway. Just throwing that out there because the symptoms made me think colic.

    Hope your girl is better now.

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    If she's on any grain, I'd remove it from her diet. Then I'd perhaps add a bit of alfalfa to her diet, to buffer her stomach. Also ensure she's got forage in front of her 24/7.

    Oh, and the more movement she gets, the better. You may want to even consider pasture board, which will really allow her to move around more and get that gut moving around.
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    Personally if that were one of my horses i'd take them in for a full work-up to figure out the problem. Not sure if you have a reputable horse vet clinic around you but that would be my choice. I work at a major equine emergency clinic and we see numerous colic cases come in all the time. It doesn't take long for things to go downhill fast. Hopefully it's nothing but it might make you feel better knowing nothing serious is going on .
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