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    Default supplement for mare coming off of regumate

    I just had to take my mare off of regumate due to mastitis ( 2nd time in three months) in which she was producing mammary gland fluid.. The problem is she has tough heat cycles and often becomes colicky. So I'm looking for suggestions for supplements that may help ease her colicky episodes and over all marishness - there are soooo many products out there, and I'm not really sure which one to try first. I'm leaning toward a vitamin B supplement.

    any ideas are appreciated!

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    Aug. 16, 2009


    I have a mare on Regumate, but I've had a lot of people suggest Agnes Cactus Berry for mares. They've said that it's worked very similar to Regumate. Maybe give that a shot.

    I tried Mare Magic (raspberry leaves) and it didn't work for my mare at all.

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