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    Whinnieme Guest

    Default Barn not allowing leasing?

    This is my first post here, so I hope this is the right place. I had an ad out, looking to lease a horse. A lady responded, and I went to try him out. I like him a lot, and agreed to lease him. Now I talk to other people, and they say that they dont think the owner allows leases. The lady I would be leasing from has two horses, and wants to lease me the one. Can the owner put her foot down, and say no leasing? Even though the lady pays board/etc? Whats the difference in allowing me to come out there and ride for free? as a friend type deal

    Any help would be wonderful! Thanks in advance

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    Jan. 9, 2009
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    Yes, a barn owner can say who is allowed to ride on her property.

    Her property, her rules.

    At my old barn in Arizona, we were discouraged from having friends over to ride. It was occasionally allowed if the person was a known competent rider and signed a release. There's the liability angle plus the fact that she didn't want extra people showing up at the barn area which was right behind her house.
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    Whinnieme Guest


    Thank you!

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    It can be prohibited, but I would go talk with the lady, and meet the BO. Maybe he has refused some people but is flexible and such.

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    Default Lease

    Discuss matters with the barn owner. If you were to lease the horse on a long term basis, you possibly might move him to another barn. The owner loses a paying stall customer. In that case the barn owner might consider allowing you to ride there given you are paying the board there. You would then probably have to sign the same contractual releases/board papers the horse owner did with the barn owner. I think what the barn owner is trying to avoid is a long list of "subleasee's" using the barn/facility with no signed releases and a poor paper trail of who owns or leases what horse that is riding on their companies hate/don't allow that. By the same token the barn owner may not be able to have more than so many boarders (per insurance co. again) in which case the matter is moot. Obviously don't lease the horse until you are very clear on where he will be allowed to be kept. Good luck.

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