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    Default Daily Dewormer

    I have dewormed my horses on a rotation for years. Every two months they have been paste wormed. I moved to a new boarding place 6 months ago. When the time comes to deworm my horses I have asked the BO when she is doing her 3 and she tells me, I do it the same day. However I found out over the weekend that one horse that is boarded there hasn't been dewormed since he got there 8 months ago Not only that they spread the manure and bedding from the stalls out in the pastures where the horses graze. Yikes! I totally freaked out about this and put my horses on daily dewormer yesterday - what else can I do? The BO won't make the other boarder deworm her horse even though she has mentioned it many times, in fact now I am wondering if the BO deworms her horses like she says - and who in the heck spreads the manure in pastures that are currenly being grazed on?

    Anyway I have heard many stories about daily dewormers, good and bad - but I don't think I have a choice but to put my boys on them. Of course I will still deworm with ivermectin 2x a year.

    I like where I am - they are very good with the horses, feeding, bedding, giving supplements, turnout etc so I don't want to move.

    I tried talking to the BO, she doesn't see a problem with any of it. She claims the worms are dead when they spread on the pastures. We live in Wisconsin - the only dead times are in the winter - Nov through March - otherwise it is great worm weather......

    So what do you think?

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    Um I think your BO needs to learn a few things . Personally I would not turn my horses out in a field where manure is being spread... heck I spend time everyday picking my fields so my horses don't have eat around any piles!

    All the barns I've been at have always made it mandatory that all horses are put on the same deworming schedule.

    In my case, it's only my two horses now and I run fecal counts on them so I know what I'm dealing with and then deworm if needed. You might want to check w/ your vet and see what they suggest.

    Hope something works out for you!
    "When a horse greets you with a nicker & regards you with a large & liquid eye, the question of where you want to be & what you want to do has been answered." CANTER New England

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    Spreading manure in fields is not the worst thing. What matters more is how individual horses deal with parasites. 84* or so is all it takes to kill eggs, so Summers in most places are very low risk exposure times.

    This is not a reason to do a DW. Nor it is reason to simply deworm because 2 months has passed. Start doing FECs to see what, if anything, your horse has, and base a program on that. My horses went 2 years without any chemical dewormers and still came up 0 counts on multiple FECs. I can't pick manure out of my fields - it would be a large job. I take a drag out there and spread it around.

    It's not uncommon for horses to only need to be dewormed twice a year - Spring and Fall, targeting bots and tapeworms, and since it's only ivermectin and moxidectin that get bots, you're also killing any problematic strongyles.
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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