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    Nov. 2, 2008

    Default Horse Got Kicked

    Ok so on Wednesday I went out to the barn and walked my horse out of her stall and could tell she was just not quiet right on her right front leg, so I looked her over and could see on her right forearm a little hoof print as she had must have gotten kicked on turnout... She wasn't 3-legged lame at all but def not right and seemed stiff with that leg... Wednesday night I gave her some Bute... I was not able to get out to the barn Thurs but figured if it was bad the barn would have called.... So I went out today and walked her out of her stall and could def tell she was still not right so I went to take her outside to walk around the arena to see if she would work out of it and had to walk up a hill... when we did that she got significantly worse going up the hill (like 3 legged) so I decided to take her back in the barn... Go figure the vet just left the barn... I have called and talked to them and they are coming out Monday if she is not better to take a look...

    But I am just stumped there is no heat really, not a ton of swelling.... do you think its just muscle soreness from the kick or do you think she could be brewing an abscess in her foot... I gave her some more bute tonight and she will be on stall rest until the vet comes out... The vet doesn't think its an abscess as she said the lameness shouldn't change because of going up the hill unless the footing did which it didn't... Also I checked for a pulse and heat and the hoof and didn't feel anything... What are your thought... Also do you think I should be doing anything else while I wait for the vet to take a peak at her on Monday...

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas...

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    Have your vet take an x-ray for a stress fracture. A horse at my barn was kicked in the right forearm and it turned out he had a stress fracture. When the horse was kicked, there was swelling but the strange thing is that he was always sound. He never showed any signs of lameness. He had cut where he got kicked and a lump.

    The horse was on stall rest for 3 weeks and a year later it is completely healed.

    Good luck. I hope everything is ok.

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    Cold hosing or ice, as much as possible. No more handwalking.

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    Nov. 2, 2008


    I am def going to get pictures to make sure nothing boney is going on... I have been icing her leg... I am so hoping she just feels better in a few days and its nothing serious... Thanks for your ideas guys!!

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