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    Default BL Solution?

    Anyone know if it can be used as a one time shot for temporary soreness like you can with bute, or does it need to be given regularly for effect? I have some sitting around and I do once in a while give bute for this and that. Just wondering if I can use it up this way.

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    You can...

    IMO though, it's mostly sugar and never worked worth a damn.
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    Agreed with TheJenners - I tried it over the summer and actually felt my mare was better when she was no longer on the BL!

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    I use BL pellets and can see improvement within about 4 hours. Works for some, not for others. Works on my entire herd of 6 though. And I only put them on it when something is wrong (stiffness, soreness, etc that doesn't warrant bute or something stronger). I don't keep them on it. Some folks say the liquid works better than the pellets but I have great luck with the pellets and don't plan on changing. Plus if I don't discover an issue until after they've been fed, I can just walk out and feed the pellets to them by hand.

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    I had my two older guys (23 & 24) on BL solution for a few months since I bought a case from SmartPak and didn't notice much of a difference, if any than when not getting it. The 24 yo has pretty significant arthritis in his hocks so is getting Adequan injections which defintely helps.
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    i give it to one of mine after a weekend of showing...just one dose on the sunday night. not sure if it does anything or not...but figured it couldnt hurt!!

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