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    Jan. 11, 2007
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    Default Re-waterproofing turnout blankets-- what to use?

    I finally had all of my blankets and sheets washed but several of them are a few years old now and I'm worried if they'll still be waterproof this winter. What do you use to re-waterproof yours? Is it just stuff I'll have to spray on and hang the blanket over a fence or something to dry? I know I've seen the spray on stuff at Walmart but wasn't sure if there was a preferred brand or method so figured I'd check here!

    In the past I never kept blankets around long enough to worry about having to re-do them.

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    It's a wash-in product, pretty easy to use.
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    ... i think i've heard that 'scotch-gaurd' works well
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    Oct. 25, 2007


    I use nixwax too. I tried the camp dry...I think that is what it is called. My lungs felt awful for days. Yes, I was outside when I did it, and well, you still inhale that stuff.
    Nixwax is easy, put it in the washer and be done.
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    Mar. 4, 2007
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    Last year I redid mine with Thompson's Water Seal - yes, the stuff advertised for decks. The sheets were rather stiff and not as nice as when Nikwax is used, but they were waterproof.

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