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    Beyond the pale.


    Monsanto and Dupont are not telling the truth about Roundup. The following statement is simply their corporate propaganda and is false:
    But it won't persist in the environment and is very safe to use.
    In fact, studies have shown Roundup to remain active in the environment up to a year later and to retain its killing power.
    Glyphosate has been called "extremely persistent" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and half lives of over 100 days have been measured in field tests in Iowa and New York. Glyphosate has been found in streams following agricultural, urban, and forestry applications
    This means, that 7 months after applying, 25% of the original chemical remains active. SEVEN MONTHS.
    A recent study which shows clear links
    between exposure to the herbicide glyphosate and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
    (NHL), a form of cancer that afflicts the lymphatic system, has caused
    worldwide concern over the safety of the herbicide on humans. The study was
    conducted by eminent oncologists Dr Lennart Hardell and Dr Mikael Eriksson of Sweden and published in the journal Cancer by the American Cancer Society on March 15, 2010.
    Use Roundup and other glyphosphate products at your peril, peril to the rest of us and peril to the wildlife and biodiversity around you. The only benefit is to the corporate bank balance.
    "The Threat of Internet Ignorance: ... we are witnessing the rise of an age of equestrian disinformation, one where a trusting public can graze on nonsense packaged to look like fact."-LRG-AF

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    Quote Originally Posted by katarine View Post
    Now this looks really interesting! I am guessing though that it just kills what is on the surface as opposed to killing the roots?

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    between the barn and the pond


    Yep. If you want to kill the plant... that's going to require chemical intervention on many of them. If we're talking about an arena that's been let lie and you just need a jump start, it works. If you'll ride enough over a stressed burnt to a crisp plant, LOL, well, it works.

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