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    Nov. 25, 2004

    Default Customizable Winter Barn Jacket - Best?

    I've pitched the idea of doing a mass order of barn jackets to the BM, and she seemed pretty receptive to it.

    I really like this jacket from SmartPak:
    but am not sure if it would be warm enough to wear by itself for the winter. It looks like it'd be a great fall jacket.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on buying jackets that can be customized? We'd put the farm name, maybe choose a logo, name underneath, front, back... not sure.

    Budget would be looking to not spend more than $70 per jacket, but if we really like something, you never know.


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    Definitely not warm enough to be worn alone if you have actual winters.

    BUT.... I always order them a bit big so I can put a few extra layers on and peel off during warm up. That way you can also wear them during spring and fall too.... so people may be willing to pay a bit more.

    I don't like that particular style at all though.... I like them to be a bit more fitted and want the waist to allow for movement in the saddle. Mountain Horse has some really nice coats... .let me see if I can find some.

    EDIT: I like this one except I MUST have a full zip - way too hard to get a 1/2 zip off over a helmet.....

    I also like this one but it's about twice what you stated your projected budget is....

    I like this one too
    My advice is don't buy a jacket from a Horse mag/catalog....they are always hugely marked up. Go to the local screen printer/embroider and see what they have. Champion, North Face, and several other brands are reasonably priced and would be very suitable for riding coats.
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    Nov. 25, 2004


    Yeah, besides the SmartPak jackets, any other 'horse' brand seems either very expensive, or not quite what we are looking for.

    I did a little Google searching for "custom logo jackets" and the ilk, and came up with some nice options
    (What I really like so far. Quilted and great shape)
    (Green color is a little light, our barn is hunter and white for colors)
    (Looks warm!)

    If we were to go with any of these brands above, woulld anyone recommend doing the embroidery through the ordering companies, or order the jackets separately and then go to a local embroiderer?

    I'm thinking we'd just do a left front chest area logo, with the farm name and personalized name. I'm worried that an online company would screw it up and it would not look right.

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    Jun. 22, 2010
    Green Bay, WI


    If you have a local embroidery company that you are thinking about working with, ask them to see some of their catalogs. They can usually get better prices on items and you might just find some other items people might like (a bunch of people from my old barn ordered the beanie caps with the tassels with our barn logo on them - nice warm and breathable for WI winters )

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    Apr. 25, 2004
    Lexington, KY


    My college IHSA team went to a local store and got them done there. They were fleece lined and we had embroidery done on the left chest with our names on the right chest and what seat we rode. The back of the jacket had horses embroidered and our school name.

    The jackets weren't super warm but with a sweater underneath or a vest they were great.

    Recently another team in our region got 2 jackets. They had fleece jackets for fall/spring and long knee length jackets for the winter.

    But it is definitely better to get them done locally.
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    This is my very most favorite jacket for almost all weather. I've got 2 of them from where I used to work. They wear like iron and embroider very nicely (company logo and name are on mine). The hood is great for if it starts raining, and sweatshirt lining is easier to keep clean than polarfleece. The zippered inside and outside pockets are great for not losing things like cell phones, gloves, money, etc.. They run kinda large; mine are medium and I can wear a heavy sweatshirt underneath and I generally like at least a size large T-shirt.

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