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    Default Bias within the Region

    I just received my Region (blank) newsletter. Usually full of notification of activities, I guess I never noticed the bias. Only one upcoming licensed show is mentioned (still time to enter!). It happens to be the Directors chapter. Two other chapters are having shows the same weekend or the weekend after (and need entries) but they are not mentioned.

    If this is truly a newsletter, shouldn't all chapters be mentioned?

    Alas, this is why I got burned out. It seems to depend upon who you are to get recognition. I happen to be the main USDF demographic: middle aged with some spare money to devote to my horses, riding, and showing, but I feel ignored.

    I am so discouraged. Anybody else?


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    Default Um now as someone who once edited a newsletter ...

    it just might be that no-one from those other chapters sent in anything to the newsletter editor telling them about their shows.
    Everyone 'knew' about it but no-one wrote down anything and sent it in.

    Editors are also busy people they really don't have time to go and ferret out the news, nor can they just make up stuff from what ever gossip they hear. If no-one took the time to send it the info it won't get published.

    This happens all the time. The squeaky wheel gets greased, and the Chapter who's PR person is on the ball and sending out info gets their stuff published in the newsletter.

    So it might not be a bias, it might well just be a case of complacency or lack of PR on someones part and better effort at communication on someone elses part.
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    Aren't all lic. shows listed on the USDF website?
    Why should they be in a regional newletter to get the word out? My region does not even have a newsletter and the lic. shows are usually full so the word must be getting out.
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