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    Oct. 28, 2008

    Default KY websites for RV hire?

    OK, I've found lots of websites for hotels etc and one for people's homes. I've also found commercial RV hire sites - eyewateringly expensive!

    Does anyone know if there is a website for local people who have an RV or trailer that they'd be prepared to hire out at a discounted rate (given that it's not really going to be driven anywhere). I am staying at a friends farm, but would need to hire an RV from St Louis. Seems it would be cheaper to drive down to KY and pick up from there.

    I'm sure that locals must be hiring out RVs/trailers, but I can't find the relevant website. Does anyone with local connections know?


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    Apr. 18, 2002
    Huntersville, NC formerly Atlanta, GA


    We are renting a travel trailer in Atlanta, driving up to Lex with own tow vehicle, because like you, when I looked at the rates for renting something in Lex I was a bit shocked. I went through They rent all over the country.

    The travel trailer, rather than the diesel RV, reduced the transport price and rental price; but will still have to tow with my truck. But this also gives us another vehicle when get to Lex.

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    Jan. 11, 2008
    Windsor SC till Aug


    You might just post on a few of the KY towns on craigslist in the RV section that you are looking to rent one for a few days. You may need to check and make sure the RV parks are not full however, most people are not equipped to fully hook up if you stay in an rv at their home. (ie. cant dump sewage or not long enough electric cords to reach where the RV sits)

    To be honest, for insurance purposes, i would probably rent from an actual rv company that rents them out like the above poster did. As an rv owner for many years (and been in quite a few of them) stuff breaks. And if you dont know what you are doing in them, you can break something without even knowing it. I could just see that as a law suit waiting to happen. I would let family stay in mine once i set it up for them and told them to not touch anything, but someone i dont know... nope. It's gosh darn expensive to fix things on them!

    Another thought - i dont know if there are state parks or big campgrounds around the area, but many of them have cabins/trailers to rent on their property... I know all the ones around us do.

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    Oct. 28, 2008


    Thank you both - really helpful.

    BFZ - really good points - thank you. I might well try Craigslist and emphasis that we are out of it ALL day, staying at a friends house and so will only be using it for sleeping - ie even bathrooms not a problem. That (and the fact we're all old and sensible) might help.

    I was hoping, like the homes for rent sites that there was some formal site set up, but it sounds not.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Jun. 25, 2001


    We were going to rent ours out (we rented our house). Are you going to take it to the farm where you are staying? PM me with details if you are interested. I'll have to find out about insurance.
    "If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em."

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    sommervette Guest


    rv rental

    I always thought using a rental was risky, I was concerned some dishonest company would try to blame existing damage on my family. Has any one had a good experience renting a motorhome or smaller camper?

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