I have been looking for a used CC saddle for a quite a while, checking local tack stores and so forth. I am currently trialing a used Pessoa AO - smooth leather (Pessoa N). When the saddle arrived, I was shocked as to how stiff the leather was on the flaps. Is this normal? My experience is that the leather on the AOs was always butter soft. I am wondering if the stiffness is because the leather has never been conditioned However, I hesitant to oil it with the possibility I could end up with an unreturnable saddle with stiff flaps.

My question is: Would one expect to the flaps on newer saddle to be fairly stiff until they are conditioned? I know that leather quality has lot do with the flexibily and softness of the leather. I just always though that the Pessoas were made with pretty decent leather.

Since I can't stand a saddle with stiff flaps can you guys please recommend some other brand/models for me to consider?