I somehow misplaced your contact info. However, the docs who were finally able to properly diagnose my torn gluteus medius tendon and gluteus minimus muscle were Sports Orthopods and a Hip Replacement Surgeon. Any and every other Doc I ever went to said it was bursitis of the greater trochanteric bursa. Go to a good hip replacement surgeon, probably a younger, newer one fairly recently out of residency. They see this when doing a hip replacement of some percentage of their patiens and are familiar with the repair. A Sports Orthopod made the original diagnosis, but you need to ask for an MRI of the gluteus medius tendon/trochanteric head area. If it show a tear, you need a referral to a hip replacement specialist for repair. The repair won't be easy. It is surgery, rehab for a couple of weeks, crutches (get the forearm crutches, not the under the armpit kind - INSIST!) and then 6 months minimum with NO stress to the area, and up to a year for full repair.