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    I had a pair of sisters, large lab mixes who learned to kill on wild creatures who wandered in the yard. They decided that they just LIKED it.You could not pull them off for anything. After attacks on my old dog, my cat, chickens, possums, even a dead skunk (neither dog got touched by musk but the whole yard reaked!) I rehomed one (that was people friendly) and tried to train the other to not kill things. It didn't work and I had her put down (she was NOT people friendly, very standoffish). I should have put them down or given them away after the very first incident (yeah, try giving away big black dogs that like to kill things!)
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    jnel, it sounds like you are working hard to find a solution. Best of luck to you, and I hope everything works out and you have many more happy years with Cassie.
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    Did the full exams include blood work? I only ask reiterate checking the whippet because of my own experiences. I had a roommate who had several cats and two dogs, I had a boxer female who was 4 1/2 at the time. The cats were inside and outside cats and my dog got along fine with all of them, she'd sleep on the couch with them, if anything she would steer clear of them as my parents cat once clawed her in the face for walking past her (grouchy cat). Before we had moved in, maybe 6 months or more prior to this incident one of the cats was outside and was attacked by the next door neighbors rottie mix who was very timid and well behaved and lived with 2 or 3 cats of his own with no problems before or after the incident. He chased the cat, picked it up and slung it way up in the air. By the time it hit the ground again the humans were there to separate it and other than a very sore kitty there weren't too many serious injuries. Anyway we had lived there for a few months and had no issues between the dogs and cats in the household. We were at the same next door neighbors pool and walked back in to get a beer and came in to find my boxer and one of the roommate's dogs standing over this same cat, the house was a bloody mess and we pulled them off, stuck them in separate rooms and got the cat to the emergency vet. The cat was long haired and the dogs had ripped its hair out, taken a few big bites out of his stomach, etc. and I was almost positive the cat needed to be put down, but roommate ended up spending 4 figures to fix cat up and bring it home for a looong road of recovery with a life spent living in her closet away from dogs and other cats.

    This was very, very strange to me and of course roommate blamed my dog. But we had never never NEVER had a problem with her. She has always "gone with the flow" in any multi-animal situation I have seen her in, not a timid dog, but certainly not an alpha dog. I have never seen her even get into an argument with another dog and she has been around small dogs, big dogs (mom has a 110 lb dog), puppies, etc. I trust her around 7 month old babies, she has been around several at the holidays and such and the moms of said babies always RAVE about her. She had also been around cats including my moms and a few friends cats and now had been living with the roommates cats for a few months with no issues. She continued to live with the other 3 cats with no issues. I pointed this out to roommate, trying to be as PC as possible and tell her to get bloodwork done on the cat without flat out telling her the cat might be the issue at stake. She wouldn't and several months after cat had been attacked he was finally allowed to go in and out again and my dog chased him in the backyard, luckily he got out of the fence before any harm was done, but she wanted him. We moved out a week afterward.

    A few weeks after we moved out her own dogs tried to go after the cat in the backyard too. She did finally get full work done on the cat, neurological issues. My dog knew.
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