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    Default Duralactin for Inflammation?

    Anyone use Duralactin for inflammation in their horse (or dog)? Sounds like it is useful, without many side effects.

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    I use it for both. Great stuff. My dog had her hip replaced and I started her on it after her surgery, you would never know she had the surgery. I highly recommend it!

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    I used it on my QH gelding when he was going through a hock fusion several years ago. Lately, he's been showing "hock issues" again (I think the other side is going now). I did a course of Adequan, which was marvelous, but he wasn't quite up to going a month apart for the maintenance. I started him back on Duralactin, and I'm sure it is helping.

    I tried it on my other horse, who has been diagnosed with navicular issues, and it didn't seem to help him much. So, I think results can be somewhat individual.
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    I have used it on my horse with breathing issues (RAO or COPD, whatever you call it these days) and nasal discharge.
    Worked very well for that, helped clear up the discharge and keep him dry.

    It found it not to work for any joint pain or inflammation.

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