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    From Sienna's owner:

    "Sienna's recovery is nearly 100%. She is understandably exhausted but has more energy every day. She's doing short hikes, has resumed her barn chores, and even went swimming Sat. Considering how near death she was, I can't believe she seems to be almost back to normal. I am so grateful to the vets and techs that brought her through this."

    Second the props for the Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital in Asheville, NC, and the local vets who took care of her. These folks had a young, healthy dog to work with, and Did It Right, which provides the raw material for a good outcome. Plus lots of COTH jingles !

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    Thumbs up

    That's great news. Glad the dog recovered.

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    Yay! I'm so glad this had a good outcome. I hope the dog continues to improve

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    I'm a little surprised at your initial statement. After all, DNA testing is widely used w/horses? And, I read recently that some law enforcement agencies are going to use DNA testing to identify known fighting lines in dogs seized in dog fights.
    The tests used to identify the close ancestry of individual dogs are not the same ones used to assess breed. Apart from the reasons Aven outlined, another problem with genetic tests of canine ancestry (breed tests) is that most of the labs offering these tests do not have large enough or comprehensive enough (i.e., including show and working lines) of enough breeds to really have a good sample for comparison.

    DNA tests of human ancestry are useless to identify "race" because "race" is not a valid way to characterize humans biologically (i.e., biological "races" don't exist). For more on this see

    (Background: I am an evolutionary anthropologist with a dual degree in physical anthropology and evolutionary biology, and also a dog geek who did a postdoctoral fellowship in canine behavioral genetics.)

    The MDR1 mutation is found across breeds but is particularly prevalent in herding breeds (collie breeds, not guardian breeds), although it was not found in a very large sample of working Border Collies and therefore most Border Collies should be considered to be safe from the toxic effects of ivermectin. To be safe, mine all get Interceptor anyway, but this precaution is probably totally unnecessary.

    Glad to hear the dog is making a good recovery. One of mine almost died from a toxic reaction to Metacam so I know how scary it can be.
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    Great news about Sienna ~ so glad to read this update ~
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbear View Post
    I have been in your shoes before!
    At the time I was managing a farm, where I lived with my 2 JRT puppies. I went through my first worming day without even a thought of putting the dogs away for the day. Without me knowing, one of my dogs cleaned up a pile of the ivermectin that must have been spit out by one of the horses. He was only 8 lbs at the time and looking back, he probably ate a good portion of a tube!
    That night, he started throwing up continuously and shaking like a leaf. I called the vet and they told me to give him some Pepto and he'd be fine - at this point neither of us knew he had eaten the de-wormer. I woke up in the middle of the night to him crying and walking around in circles - he wouldnt come out of the room, and ended up walking straight into the wall.
    I immediately rushed him to the vets, where they informed me he was completely blind and must have eaten rat poison...We thought for a while about where he could have ingested that, when one of the newer vets (who is also an equine vet) asked if I had wormed our horses...light bulb moment! I felt SO horrible and stupid for not thinking of it earlier.
    He was immediately put on IV fluids/charcoal to flush his system, and ended up in intensive care for 4 days.

    At first, they were very skeptical that his eyesight would ever return (we took him to the canine opthemologist who told us he had zero retinal activity!)

    When we went to pick him up when he was finally able to come home, he had about 50% of his vision back - it is still not 100% there, but he can definitely get around - and still sucessfully hunt! Just don't wear anything shiny/reflective around him! He goes mental

    He's a bit "off", and sometimes has trouble controlling his bladder when he's sleeping, but other than that he's a perfectly happy, healthy dog! So OP there is hope, keep the jingles coming, and I am sure your story will have a happy ending
    Did you ever deal with anyone who had a clue? I've worked in emergency medicine for 20 years. We see quite a few of these each year. I've never seen one, with adequate treatment who didn't get their eyesight back. An ophthamologist? You shouldn't have needed one as the blindness was neuro and not physically related to the eye. And OMG, rat poison causes internal bleeding..........first symptom is certainly not blindness.

    Glad your dog is ok, sounds like it is more despite and not because of his diagnosis. At least he got fluids and charcoal.
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