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    Question Lester arenas?

    Does anyone here have a Lester arena? Likes/dislikes?

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    May. 16, 2005
    Elmwood, Wisconsin


    Lester built my indoor riding arena in 1993. I chose them both for the price and for their design ideas. I am very satisfied and their product has held up over the years. I would be happy to go to them again if I was building another structure. I would suggest you let them put gutters onto the building. We added those ourselves and it was not easy to do that. You do really need gutters on a building as big as an arena. I also wish we had chosen double rows of kick boards (where sidewall meets ground

    I should add that I live in western Wisconsin and the company
    originated in Lester Prairie, Minnesota, not very far from where I am. Our materials and the crew leader came from the home office. The only problem with construction is that 1993 was the year the Mississippi flooded so badly from the large amount of rain we had. We had double crews working at our site twice because they could not get into other places to work on those projects.
    as we get some erosion which leaves a gap under the wall.
    Our building is on a hilltop and there was fairly extensive earthmoving involved to prepare the site for building.
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    Default I have 2 Lester barns, no arena

    I am very pleased with the barns but constructing the first one was a bit of an adventure.

    Lester subcontracted out the construction to a company who built pole barns. They considered instructions to be optional.

    First time they built the barn they didn't put the "cookies" in the holes under the poles. Oart of the structure sank (as they were trying to build it and they tried to levelit with a floor jack.

    The second time they brought in a supervisor who worked for Lester but they didn't get the building square and it became quite obvious when they tried to apply the metal siding.

    They tore that building down also, brought in all new materials and a crew of Lester employees, moved the foundation 2 feet and rebuilt the barn perfectly.

    I believe they lost about $50,000 on the barn.

    We later hired them to build a matching barn and specified a Lester crew. That went up with minimal fuss.
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    I had an indoor arena built in 2004 and it has been fine. I wish I could have insulated it but couldn't afford that. I had the roof extended along one long wall to be a shelter for a pasture. I got a discount for building in the fall.
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