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    Default Succeed

    Has anyone tried using Succeed like you might Ulcergard? For the 2 days prior and day of travel, competing, etc?
    I've a mare who does not have ulcers (yet), who will have a firm stool in her stall, and explode the moment she steps foot in the trailer. She remains that way all day whether hunting, schooling, trail riding... then the moment she gets home, her stool is normal.
    She eats only a little concentrate, grass and hay, has lots of turnout.
    A few hours of hunting tucks her up to look like a greyhound, otherwise she holds her weight quite (almost too) well.
    So, curious about Succeed or something to support her on the days she is doing something.
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    May. 4, 2010


    I know quite a few people who use suceed very successfully. a great product imo... i am not sure if they use it that way though, but i will ask

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    Contrary to my scientific nature, I think Succeed is a really good product...there's no real reason it should work as well as it does (it's oat oil, brewer's yeast and some amino acids) or be as expensive as it is, but I've seen it really work on at least a couple of horses. We did use it on a horse with some ulcery type issues post gastrogard. The owner also used Dynamite miracle clay and thought that was helpful for similar issues.

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