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    Jan. 6, 2003

    Default Kids leave sweat on face = bald face; WWYD

    I've just washed his face w/betadine scrub and a splash of Ivory, but it didn't cut through the salt/ sebum gunk that has become the ridges of his nose, and subsequent source of his growing bald spot. What do you use to cut through that bleaghick gunk so the kid can start from square one? I need something that will be gentle enough to use on his face, and hopefully dissolve it without too much picking.

    His name's Shark and I don't wanna know why.

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    Dec. 12, 2005
    Myrtle Beach, SC


    i make a solution of babywash and dawn that does a nice job or cleaning gunky stuff off.
    If i'm posting on Coth, it's either raining so I can't ride or it's night time and I can't sleep.

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