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    Default feeding hot horses grain

    So I'm a little embarrassed to pose this question, as it's turned into an "I should know the answer" thing, but I'm hoping to hide my ignorance behind some anonymity in here rather than ask vet friends.

    What is the problem with feeding hot (temperature wise, as in after a work) horses grain? Intuitively, it makes sense that you probably don't want to shove your endurance horse full of grain after he just came back from a 50 miler. But yesterday it was 90+ degrees and humid, and my gelding was hot & sweaty just standing outside. So is that an instance where it's not ok to feed him his extra daily grain ration (~3-4lbs)? What's the cutoff? Is it judged by internal temp (he was at a normal 100.0), or whether he's hot & sweaty to the touch?

    I'm fairly certain it has to do with extra fermentation/gas colic, but at what point is a horse "too hot to give grain"?

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    I wouldn't think so... I was taught to wait until they're cooled off after work, but not if it's just because it's hot outside.
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    I think it depends a little and that internal temperature plays a part. I like to think about if I was that hot would I want to eat? I know for me if I work out then eat right away it gives me a stomach ache, but often if I am just hot because it is hot outside it does not. If the horse was just sweaty from being outside I would not worry, but if it had been running around would hose it off and cool it off before feeding.

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