WE have 20 acres in Western Montana. Our property is VERY timbered and VERY rocky. It's also a sheet of ice in the winter. Over the past 5 yrs I have cleared (sort of) two- 1-3 acre paddocks and excavated a large meadow, about 7 acres, down on the creek. That one is un-usable in winter because the road leading down to it is too icey. It's still FAR from a safe horse property IMO, especially since I plan to breed one of my mares this coming spring and plan to breed more in the future. I've already had injuries because of the ice and minor ones because of stumps, etc remaining in the paddocks. Has anyone converted a property like this to a "good" horse property before? We've put lot's of money into it already and I guess short of moving, we're in for alot more. Any stories or suggestions? My main concern is making it safe for babies within the next few years. My barn (future baby) paddock, about 1 acre, already has very good fencing, but lots of trees and some large boulders in it.