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    Default Quarentine a new horse in a small backyard barn situation?

    For the first time in a VERY long time, I am about to take in a new horse .

    He is currently at a private barn (since March) and was saved from a kill pen about three years ago. He stayed at the rescue for private use by the owners until this past March. He is UTD on shots. He had a heavy worm load this past spring which was knocked down by Power Pac. He has yet to have a fecal (first order of business for me). He is in excellent condition with a glossy coat, good wieght, and excellent shine to his eye.

    I have a small backyard barn with one sacrafice paddock I can split and two stalls. Currently at home is my boarder's gelding and my mini donkey. While I can seperate them until they are used to each other, my barn is very open and impossible to completely quarantine.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
    Gone gaited....

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    If you absolutely and I mean ABSOLUTELY! know and trust his previous owners then if they've got the facilities, get them to separate and quarantine for 3 weeks.

    This only works if you ABSOLUTELY TRUST THEY'LL DO IT RIGHT and also if he's going to be transported alone in bio-clean transportation.

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    Sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you have. I would request the previous owner monitor temperature twice a day for at least a week before bringing him home.

    Then, keep him as separate as you can. No nose to nose contact, no sharing tools, buckets, feed tubs or grooming supplies. Remove manure from stall and paddock and dispose of it (burning or trash). Take temp 2 x a day for three weeks. I would do a fecal, but I almost always worm with Ivermectin when a new horse arrives. We have a terrible problem with bot flies here and so far (with an exception last summer), I've managed to keep them at bay.

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