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    Default Tack Cleaning Help

    I dutifully cleaned my tack w/ Fiebeings (sp?) saddle soap and (I thought) conditioned with Effax. Why is some of the tack so d#$% sticky? The instructions on the Effax said "polish if needed" which I assumed was more aesthetic than needing to get so much lint on it that it wasn't sticky anymore. The bridle (midrange from Dover 5 years ago) was way worse than the County saddle. Is it a leather quality issue? If so, what should I look to for to condition the presumably less high quality bridle? Obviously this is operator error but what should I be doing in the future?

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    You might just have too much on it. Try wiping it down with a dry clean cloth and see if that doesn't help. Or even a damp cloth.

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    Ah - I have this same issue with Fiebeings - if I do not scrub/rub hard enough. Aka - its not truly clean! Follow Brown Horse's suggestion - wipe down with a damp cloth.

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    Sounds like you either didn't get all your saddle soap off or you overconditioned your tack. When I condition mine, I often do it in the sun and buff it with a soft dry cloth after letting it sit a while. That tends to take care of the sticky factor, though I have noticed a little extra grip to my saddle a few rides after using the Effax leather balm.
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