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    Jul. 17, 2008

    Default *I'm in my 20's and will be a good rider someday* clique people! (and everyone else)

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on COTH in a long time-sooo busy running summer camp. ANYWAY I did my first show in 4 YEARS yesterday and the mare I am leasing was absolutely amazing! I am so happy with her! We did the 2'3-2'6 and I literally thought I was going to throw up the whole time because I was so nervous (I think that happens to us riders who are in our 20's and want to be good someday). I had been worried because we missed our lead change at the one corner of the ring a few times during lessons but in the show we got everyone. I was on cloud 9 because I had so many people come up and tell me that she is my perfect match and we are so good together. I was so happy. My only complaint was that she isn't actually MY horse...maybe someday her owner will let me buy her

    Anyway, here are some pictures (they are on facebook, but everyone should be able to see them)

    feel free to critique if you can tell me I'm horrible and I wouldn't care because I am so happy with my mare
    I WAS a proud member of the *I'm In My 20's and Hope to Be a Good Rider Someday* clique..but now I am 30!!!!!!!!!!!
    My new blog about my Finger Lakes Finest:
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    Aug. 1, 2010


    Far from horrible! You look really nice! I love the horse... I have a thing for chestnut mares haha!

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    Oct. 25, 2005


    I am definitely joining that clique! You two looks great though!

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    Sep. 18, 2009
    The Sunshine State


    Wow - that pretty much describes me. I'm 20 and hope to be a good rider someday.

    Personally, I think you and your mare make a great team!

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    Nov. 13, 2007
    Burbank, California


    You look great!! Can I join? How does one go about doing that?
    "Look, I'm trying not to test the durability of the arena with my face!" (Because only GM can do that.)

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    Oct. 5, 1999
    A place called vertigo


    I aged out of this clique 20 years ago, but I'm still hoping to be a good rider someday!!!!

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