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    Mar. 4, 2006

    Exclamation lung irritation from keratex?

    Has anyone found using the keratex hoof gel to be irritating to the lungs and respiratory tract? I have been using it for about 3weeks and have had some pretty severe burning in my chest and lungs. I was freaking out thinking I was having a heart attack. wondering if i should go see a doc.....

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    RodeoBuckskin Guest

    Default Always a good idea to read labels

    We have used the Keratex gel in our barns for over 10 years and never experienced anything like you are asking about, even though I have never done anything special to avoid breathing it.

    However, I am usually pretty consistent about reading labels on all the products we use in our stable and notice the first part of their label says for external use on hooves only. Harmful by inhalation and contact with skin.

    It would probably be a good idea to use this in a ventilated area.

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    MardiGrasRider Guest

    Default Not me either.

    I agree with Buckskin. No problems with us either and we have often used it in our show trailer on the road for a long time. Hate to say it, but we didn't pay much attention to worrying about ventilation either. Could be you have a personal allergy to one of the ingredients in it.

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    Default Use care with horse products

    I had a similar reaction to what Big Ben said but mine was with Farnam fly spray. It seemed so serious I went to my doctor. After lots of test she sat me down a gave me a well deserved scolding for not reading the label which indicated harmful if inhaled, use in a ventilated area. Soon as I started using common sense everything was fine. My doctor put it in plain english when she said if I wasn't smart enough to read labels and use common sense I probably wasn't smart enough to be around thousand pound animals either. LOL! But she had a good point

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    Aug. 5, 2006


    No, but I do get a headache when I'm using it. How often are you using it? after the first seven days, you go to twice a week.

    I would personally buy a package of worker's masks and use those when applying if you feel it is causing respiratory problems.

    It does indeed have serious ingredients. And I do remember being told it was strong enough to kill a dog/so not to let dogs near you when you are using it.

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    Mar. 26, 2009


    I use it frequently and have not noticed any of the symptoms you describe. Love the product.

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