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    Default Prestige Tree Widening

    Can anybody recommend a place for me to get my Prestige Hunter Classic D saddle widened ? Its a 33cm i believe and while it sits nicely and square on all my horses just said its too narrow and tight on the withers and how much can i get it widened? ....does anybody have experience having done this? did it make a difference in the fit...i'm hoping it can be widened enough b/c its a beautiful and extremely comfortable saddle...that was also very exspensive might i add

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    Call VTO Saddlery.

    However, your 2 comments are somewhat contradictory - sitting nice and squarely, and too tight on the withers.

    If it's sitting ON the top of the withers, the saddle is either too wide and sitting pommel-low, or, it's a matter of the pommel conformation being too low to allow wither clearance. In either case, widening it will make things worse.

    If it's "tight on the withers" from side to side, then it's too narrow and wouldn't be fitting "nice and square" - it would be tipped back.

    Another option is you're putting the saddle too far forward, which will fit the above "too narrow" presentation, which may be totally alleviated by moving it back a couple of inches.

    Can you get pictures of it ungirthed, then girthed, no padding?

    You can change the tree by 2cm either way.
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    I have had the tree widened on my Prestige twice since I purchased it. I believe it was a 33 when I got it, it's now a 36 (which is quite wide). I shipped mine to the Dover warehouse to have it done. Just fyi, I initially tried to take my saddle to the Dover store in my area, and the staff members looked at me like I had two heads when I asked them about having the tree widened. I called the 800 number in the catalog and got the appropriate address and info I needed for shipping it out.

    As far as the difference from 33 to 36, looking at the tree it doesn't appear that much wider, but it does fit and ride considerably wider.

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    VTO will do it for 150 bucks or so with super fast turn around.

    If you think the saddle fits fine, your horses think it fits fine, and sweat sports are even then most likely it's fine.

    Yes, pics would be nice. Vets have good intensions but don't always really know...

    I had me Prestige opened up as much as possible too--which is 2 to 2.5 cm. They can open and close the tree up to 2.5 cm.

    My saddle fit properly square when it was 2cm too small. I bought it when he was 4 and he beefed up quite a bit. I knew it was tight but my horse had no opinions. Awesome memory foam flocking.
    I had it opened up 2.5 cm last year and it still fits nice and square.

    Infact that saddle fits every horse I have ever put it on. Love Prestige.
    Horses are amazing athletes and make no mistake -- they are the stars of the show!

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    VTO Saddlery. I've had mine narrowed. Its a 31 one now. It did make a difference.

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