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    Default Anti-cast strips - what height?

    So my horse that has been on stall/small paddock rest for weeks now got cast AGAIN today. I found him and called the house to bring my partner running to help. Could barely move him, but got enough room that he could get himself up and things seem okay now.

    I want to put some anti-cast strips in today -- we've got 2x4s around but I'm not sure of the height. I searched here but there wasn't a consistent answer -- some said 36" and some said 24" from the floor. So...any input? Does horse size/stall size matter? He's 16.2ish and the stall is 12x12.

    I'll also look at ordering an anticast roller, but want to get the strips up today to help alleviate my worry!

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    Well, heck, no answers yet. We decided to "eyeball" it by the marks he made on the wall while cast earlier today and ended up placing them at about 32" or so. I am hoping that he has learned something from this whole experience, but I thought that the LAST time he was cast and was wrong! Silly horse.

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    Hi, I had the same issue last year with my gelding on stall rest. I know your pain and panic, it's a really bad thing to see/hear.

    We put up strips at about 32-36" above stall floor, so you're right on.

    What you need to do is bed and BANK the living bejeezus out of that stall. I used straw, 3-4 bales at a time, but any bedding in large quantity works. You should have it so heavily banked on all 4 walls that you have only a little "canyon" in the middle for him to lay down in. This way he can't roll up anywhere near a wall.

    The advice I got here on COTH for an anti-cast roller is to order a really good quality leather one from England, which I did. I did not like using it because I had to have it fairly snug in order to work, and I felt like it was uncomfortable for my horse. I sold it or would offer to ship 2 you!

    But overall.....major banking of stall is what saved us. My horse never got cast to my knowledge as long as I was diligent with this. I would also take him out into the arena daily and let him have a really good proper roll on a lungeline, which seemed to help as he'd get the itchies out that way and wasn't so much needing a big roll in the stall.

    MTA: Make sure you lag-bolt those 2x4s to the stall walls, don't just screw them in.

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