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    Quote Originally Posted by WishIWereRiding;5024480

    It think he has us start on doxy right away because so many horses will test positive, the question isn't if the titer is +, it's what's the number.
    But this is my issue with this method.... We are not just talking about a "number". We are talking about the results of the Western Blot in conjunction WITH the titre. This is why it's so important to run BOTH tests. Yes 90% of horses in CT will show a titre of some kind. But it's the ELISA titre number, the indication of the WB, the symptoms and the horses history with lyme that *should* all be considered before doxy. The first time my horse had suspected lyme in 2007 and was tested he had a titre of < 40,000 and a positive WB indicating active infection. He had almost NO symptoms or lameness with the exception of the onset of minor stiffness and absolutely no change in attitude etc.... My vet felt that because of the skyrocket high titre, the positive WB and the fact that stiffness was beginning to set in that the disease was likely just beginning to attack my horse and we should do the most aggressive course of treatment I could afford ASAP. We did the IV oxytet for 6 days and then 6 weeks of oral Doxy. I am glad I listened cause he has been doing great since and I know alot of people that haven't had as much luck with treating lyme and they end up having to treat their horses almost every year.

    I also don't think doxy has enough of an anti-inflammatory effect to really mask anything--it certainly didn't with my horse.

    You may not think so but my vet would disagree. With a horse that is exhibiting mild lameness related to some other issue it most certainly could mask it. Anti inflammatories in conjunction with rest tend to bring down joint inflammation which in turn will often make a horse more comfortable for a period of time.

    But to each his own when it comes to treating your own animals.
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