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    Apr. 4, 2007
    Jasper, GA

    Default Thrift shops and horse stuff son, the musician wants to find a bull horn or PA system cheap so he can make a "talk box" (think Peter Frampton). Anyway, he wants to go cruise thrift stores. Yes, my seventeen year old son is the best kid in the world.

    So, off we go. Now how is this horse related???

    I end up buying a 5 inch black and white TV, so that I can have a extra birth monitor (my camera is hooked to an antenna).

    Then I buy a hand made vest, neon orange...PERFECT for carriage driving on the roads.

    Then I buy a set of wooden magazine racks for...all my driving and horse magazines.

    What is your favorite thrift store buy -you know things you use for horses?

    B.T.W. I never seem to buy anything these days unless it is horse related. Even if I go cruising thrift stores, I find things that somehow, I use for my horses. Think it might be a disease?
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    Feb. 10, 2007
    SE Wisconsin


    No, it's not a disease!

    I buy towels at thrift stores because then I don't care when they get so stained they have to be thrown away.

    I loff my Quarter horse clique

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    May. 2, 2007
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    Many many years ago I found brand new Konig field boots. They were 1/2 a size too short, but that didn't matter to me! For $75 I shoved my feet into those boots for years! Still have them, though I tend to wear my cheaper Ariats more often due to sizing.

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    Jun. 20, 2006
    Ft. Collins, CO


    I go 3 to 4 days a week, before the gym. I buy most of my clothes there for riding and everything else, plus I sell on Ebay. Recently I bought a Troxel show helmet, too big for me but good for company or use for lessons, pair of Ariat paddocks, possibly new, they fit but may go on Ebay, pr of Mercedes cowboy boots currently on Ebay. I saw a man with several brand new halters and leads one day.I've been a thrift shop queen since I was about 16 Love it and admit I'm an addict

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    May. 6, 1999
    Ocala, FL

    Default Ah, but there's something even better...

    Estate auctions on farms!

    A friend of mine is a habitual horse auction attendant. She finds all kinds of cool stuff for next to nothing and then sorts it "by friend" and sends us these mystery "care packages." It's like Christmas in a box.

    Sometimes, she buys these "mystery boxes" for $1. They usually are full of big and small stuff, like hoof picks, lead ropes, halters, salt block holders, boots, bits of tack, etc. Once she got a whole pony harness in a box, plus blankets and a saddle pad.

    I'm miffed that there aren't any of that kind of horsey auction around here, as far as I know (but the town I live closest to has ELEVEN -- no joke! -- thrift five pawn shops). I got a nice Western saddle, bridle and pad and brand-new, 10-gallon hat for $45 at the Humane Society's store. Had to stand on a ladder to get it on my old horse (16.1h), rode in it once, and then he wouldn't stand still for me to put it back on him the second time. Guess he didn't like it much.

    Anyway, auction or thrift, they're kinda fun--like garage sales, in a way.
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    Mar. 7, 2003
    Mudville, GA ;-)


    My #1 daughter wanted my Barbour coat sooooo bad she was driving me nuts. I happened to come across one of the quilted ones at my local Goodwill for $7. Now she's got her own
    Y'all ain't right!

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    May. 22, 2005


    I have found all kinds of breeches, even new name brand full seats, at our local thrift store. Also, halters, splint boots, numerous riding boots (which I usually call my friends about since I have my faves...), riding videos, helmets, riding Great thrift store for sure!

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