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    appydayz29 Guest

    Question Average Salary for a USA Horse Trainer...advice needed!

    Hi there!

    I have just applied for a vacancy for a horse trainer based at a barn in the US. It is colt starting and developing horses including basic schooling on the ground and under saddle.

    The job demands a high level of customer service, teaching lessons to groups and individuals and managing up to 50 horses on the premises.

    Accommodation is provided.

    As a UK person I really have no idea what kind of salary to expect. What would a reasonable salary be? How much does a girl need to have a nice, comfortable standard of living?

    I am currently a professional UK based trainer, over 25yrs experience with horses, industry qualified and also degree educated.

    Many thanks!!!!

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    Nov. 2, 2006


    With accomodations provided, I would say around $50k-$55K a year, or $1k a week. Not sure what your health insurance situation is, but you will want to have that and if it is not part of the package, you will need to figure about $100-$200 a month for very basic, high deductible, coverage.

    Also, if you can negotiate a portion of the lesson proceeds, that would be good.

    I am basing this off a position that I applied for that was similar...I could be totally off base, will be interesting to hear others thoughts.

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    appydayz29 Guest


    Thankyou! Does location influence wages? This job is based in Texas. Also good point about health insurance...not like the good old NHS! Can you have a nice lifestyle on $50k a year??

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    Feb. 20, 2010
    All 'round Canadia


    This is for Texas, a few years out of date:

    I'd be surprised if the salary was anywhere like $50k if accommodation is also provided. That would actually be a pretty good salary without accommodation.

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    appydayz29 Guest


    Haha! that seems a more realistic figure...more what I expected. Horse industry isn't known for being that well paid ;o)


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    Sep. 4, 2006
    NE Ohio


    As a current TX resident working as a trainer for a breeder I'll chime in. In addition to salary, I get a house, and free board for my mare and foal, along with (so far) a free breeding to one stallion, and a deeply discounted breeding to the other. My salary is $500/week before taxes. My wife works here as well, and together we're making ~$46k/yr in salary. In addition, our employer has been very generous with time off for our wedding last year, and are sending us on an Alaskan cruise next week on their dime. Quite generous of them.

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    Apr. 2, 2009
    North Carolina


    $50K as a horse trainer???! Holy cow, I should think that is a very well paid one! Location also matters A LOT. But I still would not expect the salary to be that high for your average horse trainer. Also, what do you see as a comfortable standard of living? This is soooo subjective. I view $50K as a LOT of money because it is significantly more than I am making as a gov't employee, but I still do fine, keep and show my horse, go on cheap trips, etc. Some people probably think it's not much money (will they adopt me, pleeease!). You will also need health insurance ($$$$) and figure in housing costs. If you have a vehicle, you need car insurance too.

    If you could tell us where it will be, that would be helpful. $1000 in TN goes a lot farther than $1000 in CA.

    ETA -- just saw that it is TX. Yes, I'd expect the salary to be more in the $25-30K range. Also depends on what part of TX, it varies hugely from armpit with trees to armpit with scrub to surface of the moon (LOL, just kidding. Sort of, I did live there for two years after college).

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    Nov. 2, 2006


    LOL...Well the job I was applying for (they ended up promoting within) was in a very prestigous suburb of Boston, where the cost of living is significantly more than most parts of the country. Average median for a 2 BR home is well over
    $ I suppose I should have qualified that in my first response.

    I would think with housing provided in TX you would be able to live off $24k. Good luck!

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    Aug. 11, 2003


    I think it partly depends on what you consider to be a good, comfortable life style and depends where in TX you are going to be.

    I am south of Houston and my average expenses run something like this:
    - Gas $2.60/gallon, much lower gas mileage on cars over here though - anticipate around 20 miles/gallon if you are lucky.
    - Groceries - maybe around $200/month per person depending on how you eat - tend to be similar sort of prices if not slightly more expensive than the UK. The further out you get from a major city the more expensive the groceries seem to be.
    - eating out - dirt cheap compared to the UK - think pound-for-dollar
    - clothes - again pound-for-dollar on prices
    - housing - you could probably rent a decent little place for about $750/month (so factor that in when you are getting accomodation thrown in)

    Really do your homework into health insurance, it can cost you a fortune depending on how old you are and if you have had ANY accidents, illnesses etc in the past - anything like a hang nail, once had a wart on your finger, once got an infected pluke as a teenager - all of those are classed as "pre-existing" conditions over here and will push your healthcare costs up. My neighbor, who granted, is 62, pays $708/month in health insurance alone - more than her house payment! My other friend, who doesn't have a great income takes the risk and has no health insurance, but be warned, if you have an accident, you might as well pack up bags and skip the country. The FIRST thing they ask you for in ER is your insurance and/or your credit card number. For example, an ambulance trip, 20 mins, for my daughter, costs $2,500. A small fall that my Mum had when here on vacation, and I took her to, not the ER, but to one of these care centers, to get her wrist checked, cost $700 (no X rays, nothing!).

    Do you know anything about the place? Some folks on here might know the place and be able to give you some feedback?

    Good luck! With your BHS qualifications you should be well qualified over here!

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    Jan. 23, 2000


    Good luck with that. Seems most of the BO's I know that come on here want to know if they can get away with paying their staffers $20K a year plus "possible" commission.
    VERY few make 50K.

    Get it in writing before you move over here. Seriously.
    They're small hearts.

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    appydayz29 Guest


    Thanks for all your contributions so far...very much appreciated!

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