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    Nov. 2, 2006

    Default fruit flies, stainless steel and vinegar- household tips

    I just read about the nasty little buggers- that placing a 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of dish soap near where they are will get rid of them...and it works, lots of dead fruit flies on the bottom of the glass.

    Also- to get stainless sparkly clean with no streaks- rub white vinegar on and whala! super clean and shiney.

    Anyone else have some good household remedies to share?

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    Sep. 16, 2006


    Get my boyfriend to do dishes after I cook.

    Oh, and wear the laundry out of the dryer. It saves a step.

    Only serious one I have is to use newspaper when cleaning mirrors and windows for lint-free drying.

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    Mar. 25, 2008
    Goshen NY

    Default Hay

    Here's what I do for fruit flies in the office here. Let the garbage get a wee bit smelly. Place two of those sticky fly tapes over the top of the garbage, a place for the bastards to land. Leave the office, come back in the morning, tie the bag shut and toss. It'll get rid of every stinkin' fly. Then once they're gone I take the garbage out daily to combat them.
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