Two main issues right now. Trying hard to think of a third so nothing else happens (not that I'm superstitious or anything...)

First, my computer is having issues. Of course it does this when my friendly neighborhood computer geek is away ofn vacation. Went to turn on the computer a few days ago and it starts up, gets to the "welcome" screen and then stops and tells me Windows login failed. Fatal system error and a bunch of code number. Turned it off and on. Unplugged and replugged. Not help. Wont accept control-alt-delete and couldnt find anything that helped at the function keys that worked. The next day it started right up. I updated virus progam and ran a scan which found nothing. Of course I had some electrical work done that day so had to turn it off and unplug it. It gave me the error message twice more before starting up on the third try. I have not turned it off since! Any help for a computer dummy?

Other issue involves my 19 year old horse who I have been working on building up stregth since he is finally sound. I'm warming him up in the indoor and he seems relaxed, tho he always tries to gawk and sometimes spooks at the open door facing the woods. He was stretching low pretty nicely at the posting trot. And then he wasnt there! Normally I can ride his spooks but I was not attentive enough and also out of shape from our lack of riding. So I ended up falling on my right side. Pretty good road rash (arena rash?) on my right elbow. But its my right side that is sore. From hip to shoulder, in front and behind. Have touchy back muscles anyway, so lots of unhappy muscles. But everything moves as it should and doesnt move when it shouldnt. Not much in the way of buises either (its been four hours). I was wearing a helmet but didnt hit my head at all. Unfortuantely my momentum had me going forwards so I couldnt really roll with the impact- more splat and skid. I think I got off pretty easy - although I'm grumpy that I didnt just bounce like I used to. (Another reminder that I'm old) Stopped at my doctors office to see if they had a better idea than ice/heat & ibuprofen. They didnt - but they did give me free bandaids and Advil! And advised me to come back if I felt worse. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

So my horse and I continue the grand tradition of not being sound at the same time.